Paperpod France - Warning of Counterfeit Goods!

Posted June 06 2012

Paperpod France - Trademark Infringement - Paperpod Statement

Warning - Counterfeit "Paperpod" goods are being supplied from France

Paul Nicolai, trading as Paperpod France and Rue des Ecoles, is currently infringing the Paperpod registered trade mark [EU trade mark: 004485454] by manufacturing, advertising and supplying counterfeit "Paperpod" products from his location in Prevanges, France. He has no license or authority to produce Paperpod products, having breached an agreement with Paperpod Limited in 2010 by the none payment of licence fees and royalties. Although he was clearly instructed to cease his activities by the trade mark holder he continues to misrepresent himself and his company as "selling Paperpod products exclusively in all of Europe" despite these activities being entirely illegitimate. In consequence his activities have caused significant damage to the trading potential of Paperpod Limited and contributed significantly to the decision of Paul Martin, [the proprietor of Paperpod limited and the designer of all Paperpod products], to sell the assets of his company to a company better placed to defend the trade mark and realise the full potential of his products in Europe.

Who owns the Paperpod Trade Mark?

3WM Limited (trading as Kid-Eco) acquired the assets of Paperpod limited, including all intellectual property such as registered trade marks and design registrations in March 2012 through a harmonious agreement with Paul Martin. Paul continues to work with us in a consultative capacity and we intend to add more of his fantastic designs to the Paperpod product range in the near future. Kid-Eco produce a complimentary range of products and the combination of Paperpod and Kid-Eco catalogues has resulted in a superb and extensive range of complimentary and original products. The Kid-Eco range and The Paperpod Collection are manufactured exclusively in the UK, to high quality standards and we are now working with partners in other countries to build an efficient and customer focused distribution network that will make all our products available to resellers and consumers alike.

As the lawful holders of Paperpod registered trade mark and all associated registered designs we are now intent on closing down the illegitimate activities of Paul Nicolai, who at the time of writing this statement continues to masquerade as "Paperpod France" and purports to supply "Paperpod" Products. We are raising legal action against Paul Nicolai and intend to extend that action to pursue any parties acting in collaboration with him by knowingly obtaining counterfeit goods from him.

If you've bought goods from Paperpod France

We understand that most of Paul Nicolai / Paperpod France /rue des Ecoles customers are unaware that they have been receiving counterfeit goods and have been trading with "Paperpod France" in good faith as they were unaware of the flagrant trade mark infringement. We are writing to these companies individually to advise them of the situation and we would welcome contact from any other companies and or individuals who have been misled by Paul Nicolai into purchasing counterfeit goods.

If you are offered Paperpod France as a going concern

We understand that Paul Nicolai is trying to sell his business on as a going concern in France. It concerns us that in doing this any valuation based on goodwill associated with the Paperpod brand in France and other parts of Europe, would be fraudulent in that he holds no rights whatsoever to use the Paperpod brand. We strongly advise any party who may have been approached by Mr Nicolai in this regard to get in touch with us so that we may assist them in making an informed decision.